Let me Introduce myself

Hello, my name is Lucy. I’m 36 and I have 5 children, 19 horses, a kind, handsome, bumbling, occasionally argumentative husband, a sweet but equally smelly Basset hound, an advanced triathlon habit and some stick insects. Oh and i also have a very messy house, which i suspect JK Rowling probably used as her main influencing factor, when she created the Weasley’s house in her Harry Potter stories.

We live in a tiny village in the countryside (think mud, running out of milk, gossiping neighbours who go out of their way to find out other peoples’ business). I breed and sell Sport horse foals for my “job” and Jon, my husband (think Jonny Wilkinson x Boris Johnson) does PR and journalism and works from home.

Our children:- Rosie (12) loud, dramatic, funny, clever, horse-obsessed book-worm with door-slamming tendencies and an extensive repertoire of foreign voices.

 Clyde (11) gentle, charming, fishing-mad, computer gamer who will dig in the mud for “fishing” worms all day but has yet to muck out a stable.

Daisy (9) happy, girly, wannabe pop-princess who poaches high heels from my bedroom, thrives on my cuddles, sings in her sleep and who burst a blood vessel in her nose at an early age from screaming to get her own way!

Violet (5) Sweet, loving and Intelligent and wise for her age, initially shy but funny-come-bonkers at home, also showing potential for unusual voices and loves telling jokes (which are not always funny!).

Marigold (3) Looks like a beautiful, blonde, butter-wouldn’t-melt angel but is trouble reincarnated, yet to learn to use “I” in place of “me” and has the widely used home, friend and Facebook nick-name “The troll”… but we all adore her in spite of this.




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7 responses to “Let me Introduce myself

  1. Michelle

    Fantastic! Looking forward to ‘a day in the life of the Saxelby bunch’ already! 😀

  2. I’m thinking I don’t need the *actual* intimate adventures.. or are you just trying to get porn traffic? 😀 ❤ xx

  3. Am i the only person who read this while humming the Adams Family theme tune cant be can i ?

  4. Deb

    Makes great reading Lucy 🙂 xx

  5. Paula

    Haha about time Lucy, you got plenty of time on your hands lol x

  6. Joanne Leary

    Brill and about time too, look forward to your next installment 🙂 xx

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